This project is the final result of a very long process that begins in my husbands surfboard manufacturing workshop.

                                     Every piece is a magical combination of different colours and each colour comes from laminating a surfboard with tinted resin.


Every surfboard is made with a complicated lamination process, with liquid resins which can be transparent or made a beautiful colour by applying different pigments. During this process there is a surplus of resin that accumulates which would usually be a waste product, when it cures it dries to produce hard blocks in which the colours are fused, both translucent and opaque, giving rise to unique and precious pieces that reflect light. I am really pleased to be able to recycle something that would be regarded as waste product into something beautiful that can be appreciated and worn by other people.

When the resin blocks are already dry they begin to have a certain thickness and a few layers of colourful resins, I select and collect the material. In the workshop, the pieces are cut into smaller pieces that I begin to form until I am able to create jewels of different shapes and colours. Sanding is the longest phase of creation in which each piece is sanded by hand with eight different weights of sandpaper, until reaching the finest, or polished finish. Each piece now shines in its magical reflectance and ready to be turned into precious recycled resin jewels.