The elaboration of ceramic pieces is a popular process. Within this art there are an infinite amount of possibilities, by combining different types of techniques, clays, glazes, colours, tools and firing… It is a very extensive world that fascinates myself because the learning is constant and inspiring.


All the pieces I make go through the oven at least twice. The first firing is called «biscuit» and it lasts between ten and twelve hours, reaching temperatures that vary between 900 and 1030 °C; transforming raw clay into ceramic which is harder and more resistant.

The second firing serves to glaze the pieces. The enamels give the pieces colour and a more simular texture and colour; in the case of tableware, it is an essential process to make them waterproof and suitable for food. It can be enameled at low or high temperature (1020°C o 1250 °C) depending on the type of clay that we use in the process.


This is the firing that is done once the piece is enameled, if you want to add some detail, for example gold or platinum. It is fired at 800 °C for five or six hours and the piece will become a precious jewel.