The origins of this project begin to take shape about ten years ago, when the creation of jewelry and art objects was just a hobby for me, which attracted me a lot. During these years, I was looking for any free time to practice and experiment with different types of materials, including metals, wood, ceramics, fimo and some recycled materials. Years later, following a one of those coincidences that life offers to you, and makes you open your eyes, I decided to fully immerse myself in this «hobby», to try to make it my way of earning a living. Thanks to the precious hands of my husband, I decide to «throw myself into the mud» and set up my little workshop.

Italian by origin, a lifelong lover of art and the sea, a marine biologist and designer, I look for inspiration to create my pieces in the environment that surrounds me: sea, mountains, sunrises, sunsets, sensations, emotions. My «cup» is where I store all those things, each one made by my hands, with passion and a lot of love.